Website Development for Catering Equipment Company

We designed the website and social media profiles to support SEO and PPC campaigns

The two challenges here were dealing with CEDUK as a project-based solution provider as opposed to a reseller of catering equipment which lead to the “brochure or e-commerce site?” discussion.

Facing those challenges, we developed a hybrid WordPress/e-commerce site utilising the products/inventory components from e-commerce should we decide to apply product pricing and a shopping cart.  The product pages needed to be bright and bold to feature a product image but utilising an accordian style design we could focus the visitor on slices of information regarding the product features, installation, delivery and warranty.  We also added a smart request for information form on each product page to identify which product was to lead the sale.

Collectively we were all delighted with the launch of this website and it was clear that it was appealing to visitors from the enquiries received from SEO, Social Media and Pay Per Click campaigns.

What we did?

Website Development

National SEO Campaign

Social Media Marketing

Pay Per Click Marketing


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